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TV2 sender Gym for Life

Mandag 14. august kl. 22.00 sender TV2 Sportskanalen høydepunktene fra King Harald`s World Gym for Life Challenge.

Reprise kan du få med deg torsdag 17. august kl. 23:05 og fredag 18.august kl. 18:00. I tillegg blir det lagt ut på TV2 Sumo, Neste Generasjons YouTube kanal og NGTFs YouTube kanal.

Siste uke i juli var 2076 deltakere fra hele verden i Norge for delta på King Harald`s World Gym for Life Challenge. Til slutt ble det troppen Olympiada Thrakomakedonon fra Hellas som fikk trofeet «World Group Champion».

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FIG Secretary General André Gueisbuhler , Gymanstics for All president Margaret Sikkens Ahlquist og FIG president Morinari Watanabe

Ikke bare var det deltakere fra hele verden, men også presidenten i det Internasjonale turnforbundet (FIG) var til stede. Etter arrangementet fikk NGTF en hyggelig hilsen fra president Watanabe:

«The 3rd Gym for Life Challenge was held in Norway, the country that richly endowed with nature and has been recognized as the happiest country in the world in 2017 by the United Nations.

I am sure that the organization of this event will add further momentum to the country’s possibility to be recognized again in 2018 as the happiest country in the world. I have nothing but praise for the participants’ performances as wonderful. I have seen many musicals in New York and London, but the inspiration I have got from the performances at the event are far greater than the one from those musicals.

I have no doubt that the performances at the World Gym for Life Challenge will continue to develop to a higher level.

In such circumstances, the challenge for FIG is how we publicize the event to the world.  How we get more people’s attention to the effort that the participants make and how we attract more people to their performances are our challenges.

I am looking forward to seeing further development of the World Gym for Life Challenge.»


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Tilstede var også hele FIG Gymnastics for All komiteen. President Margaret Sikkens Ahlquist skriver dette:

«World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 – A big success with a Royal touch

FIG Gymnastics for All Committee congratulates the Local Organising Committee and the Norwegian Gymnastics Federation for the fantastic organisation of the World Gym for Life Challenge 2017.

We know that you have worked hard for the last five years and you should be very proud of the result. Everyone visiting Oslofjord Convention Center during the event experienced this unique place where everything was brought together. The accommodation, the catering, the contest and the Gala took place within the same area and together with that we even had our own beach!

What also made it very special was the visit of His Majesty King Harald V. I am sure he enjoyed every minute of the de performances.

We were told that Norwegians are the happiest people in the world and after this week we also know that they are the friendliest.

Thank you for an excellent cooperation and we hope that you now will have a well deserved rest.»