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The wolves from Greece are now the World Group Champions!

Congratulations to Olympiada Thrakomakedonon from Greece! The World Group Champion and winner of the Bruno Grandi Trophy!

Their show is called “The wolves and the moon”, and the program is a theatrical choreography with RG & AG elements. The wolves live together in a dynamic harmony with the two leaders and their herbs. At the end the reconciliation brings peace and the wolves can do everything together.

This program also won the 1st place in both «Gymnastics For All» competitions held in Hellas during 2016. It was the first time it was presented a program with so many high level gymnasts. They have dedicated the show to hospitable Norway as a campaign for the preservation of the Norwegian wolf.

With 62 girls on the floor at the same time it is an amazing achievement to be as synchronized as this group is. With their fantastic performance they sat the audience on fire and lifted the roof as they received a massive applause and cheering from the crowd! It has been a fabulous night with 17 great teams on the floor, showing their performances. Every single one of them have made this a memorable evening, of course, accompanied by an awesome audience and our great floor team who both work hard and are a pleasure to watch while cleaning the floor!

President of the Local Organizing Committee, Stig Nilsen, said thank you to the gymnasts for all of their great performances.

-You have really shown us the true values of sports. He also pointed out the though job of the evaluators, and thanked them for their great work, and thanked the International Gymnastics Federation with the Gymnastics for All Committee for their cooperation, before the volunteers received a standing applause for their work during the week.

The president of the International Gymnastics Federation, Morinari Watanabe, expressed his heartfelt appreciation on behalf on the world gymnastics family for the wonderful time they had here in Vestfold.

Professor Bruno Grandi was the one to hand the envelope with the results over to the President of the International Gymnastics Federation, who confirmed Greece and Olympiada Thrakomakedonon as the winner of the Bruno Grandi Trophy.

Thank you to all the participating groups, and all of the gymnasts and guests who celebrated our great sport tonight! At World Gym for Life Challenge ALL ARE WINNERS!