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Last Contest Day!

It seemed like the inhabitants of Sandefjord couldn’t think of a better way to spend their Friday than to go to Badeparken and enjoy some show performances in the sun. Many local people met up and were amazed by the great show, and we well see several of the same people in the audience at the Gala, as they got so inspired they had to buy tickets and get the chance to see some more!

After starting the day with show performances in the town of Sandefjord our very last contest started in Oslofjord Convention Center. We have seen in total 47 groups on the floor during the Small Groups Gymnastics and Dance Contest we had participants from 20 different countries! It has been a fantastic night with many talented and creative teams on the floor.

Tonight we have 47 worthy winners, and at World Gym for Life Challenge everyone are winners. Congratulations! However, we do have some groups who received the gold medal, and are ready to perform at the Gala show at Saturday. Teams from Germany, Austria, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Italy, Zimbabwe and Great Britain will after tonight be represented at the Gala. We can’t wait to see these groups once more:

GER 09 – Showteam Matrix
AUT 01 – TheFREAKS Acrobatics-Showteam
POR 03 – GCP/Mãe D’Água
AZE 01 – Azerbaijan
ITA 01 – La Trottola
ZIM 01 – Zimgym
GBR 04 – Astro Eden

Wild Cards

Congratulations to SUI 53 – Welsch Master Team and JPN 01 – University of TSUKUBA

You will find pictures from thursday her!

Despite cold wind, people enjoyed movie night at the beach. With blankets, warm drinks and warm atmosphere Baby got Johnny in the end.