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An amazing contest evening

Thursday has been a fabulous day, filled with great performances! The gymnasts have shown their creativity and talents, both at Show Performances in Sandefjord and Tønsberg, and at today’s contests at Oslofjord Convention Center.

Gold Winner: GER 55 – Show Blues Brothers

In Sandefjord 23 groups were performing at the local park Badeparken for an enthusiastic audience. 16 groups were present at the show performances in Tønsberg, where local people had shown up to watch and be amazed by the great teams.

Gold winner SUI 51 – Swissrings

At Oslofjord Convention Center there has been two great contests, where first small and then large groups with apparatus had their performances. At the first contest, with small groups with apparatus, we had 12 groups from Norway, Germany, Australia, Denmark and Portugal. It was a great show and we are looking forward to see Showturngruppe and Showteam Blues Brothers, both from Germany, on the floor again at the Gala on Saturday.

Gold winner GER 54 – Showturngruppe

After the first contest with small groups we also had large groups with apparatus on the floor, with groups from Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Germany and Greece present. It was a spectacular show, with a large variety in use of apparatus and themes for the performances. Swissrings from Switzerland and Olympia Thrakomakedonon from Greece where the ones to take the gold medal, and are ready for the Gala show!


Today’s shows were fantastic, and for anyone who missed it you can still find videos at our Facebook Page.  You can also find all of the results at FIG’s website.

More pictures here

Many participants started the day with yoga lesson with Helle Marie Føynum at the beach. The lesson gave the participants an introduction in yoga philosophy and poses.

Join yoga Friday morning at 10:00 at the beach.
Abilities of Gymnast with DisAbilities

We had a very interesting lecture today with Cindy Bickman from USA. It was emotional, inspirational and really touching. Cindy and her team showed us how does it feel to be excluded. We are happy (proud) that Gymnastics is for everybody, for all abilities. Like Cindy said: “There are no disabilities. There are just different abilities”.