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Ceremony, Contest and Norwegian Welcome Evening

Royal, exciting and pure joy describes the first contest day at King Harald`s World Gym for Life Challenge.

-Your Majesty King Harald the Fifth of Norway,It is a great honor for the world Gymnastics family to have the pleasure of your company today, said the FIG President Morinari Watanabe in his speech.

His Majesty King Harald and FIG President Morinari Watanabe

His Majesty King Harald, is celebrating his 80th Anniversary. As a sport enthusiast, The Norwegian Confederation of Sports (NIF) have given him tree sports events as gift, one of them a gymnastic event. His Majesty King Harald was present during the Opening ceremony and the first part of  Dance and Gymnastics Contest.

18 groups performed at the Dance and Gymnastics Contest – all performances was full of entertainment, innovation, originality and variety. Only four could be announce as gold winners, and it was a lot of tension in the air right before the anointment.

Congratulation to all participants today, and a special congratulation to these four gold groups:

Fredrikstad Turnforening (NOR)

In Motion (GER) – Showgruppe In Motion

Uni-2-Tre & Gym Center Emme (SUI) – Uni2Tre

Gimnofrielas / Top Acro Gym (POR) – Clube Gimnofrielas ADCSF

They will attend the Gala Saturday 29. July.

All results

Norwegian Welcome evening

In this show, we saw a wide range of Norwegian gymnastics in a journey through Norway’s four seasons. We followed four main characters, sailing with a Viking ship over the waves, looking for the rhythm. Whit glimpse of Norwegian nature and culture, and encounter with trolls, winter sports, folk dancers and even experience the national day celebration.

The gymnasts (200) was accompanied by animations by the award-winning animation artist Sverre Fredriksen. All artwork is made by hand and photographed frame by frame, known as the traditional stop-motion technique.

All music and sound was made by renowned music producer Petter Anthon Næss.

The choreographer, Gry Fredriksen has tailored this show with her creative crew and with the help of coaches and gymnasts of all ages from all over Norway with one wish: to give the participants and audience a nice experience and great welcome to Norway and the event King Harald’s World Gym For Life Challenge 2017.


Finnsnes Turn Youth Strap \ Camilla Karolius\Siv Olsen

Sotra Turn \ Marit Hagen Halvorsen

STAG \ Lars Gunnar Risa

Stokke Turn, SEM Turn \ Wenche Havnås

Fredrikstad Turnforening \ Vivi Ann Evensen

Bardufoss Gym and Turn \ Lise Nytrøen

National Team Artistic Gymnastics Pietro and Odin \ Gabriel Negru

Holmestrand IF RG \Anita Rygh

Tunsberg Leikarring \ Brit Lønmo.

Kongsberg Turn Team Kangaroos \ Morten Karlsen

Finnsnes Turn Women’s Pathrull \ Heidi Dahl Gundersen