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Also gymnasts needs food

Who can do gymnastics without food?

In the package we have already included one meal (lunch or dinner) per day, but we have also advised everyone that they should order the second meal every day. The serving of the meals will take place in the center. This will make it really efficient for the participants, and the serving hours will make it possible to enjoy both meals even though you are having rehearsals or taking part in the contest.

The meals will be prepared in ready made portions so as to be easy to deliver, and you can either enjoy your meal somewhere in the Center, or you can take it back to your cabin. Hopefully you can enjoy the dinner outside in the beautiful summer weather!

The meals will be served according to the menu listed below.  You will have to notify the LOC during your definitive registration whether you would like the ordinary menu or the vegetarian menu. You must also inform the LOC about any allergies. All this information has to be put into the Gymnaplana. All meals will be delivered according to the individual orders regarding allergies and vegetarian.

All meals will be served with ice water.

Check out the menu here: