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Welcome to Vestfold in Norway

Foto: Visitfoto: Vestfold

The county of Vestfold is situated in the south of Norway. Vestfold is the smallest and one of the most densely populated counties in Norway.

The largest towns Larvik, Tønsberg, Sandefjord and Horten are all located along the coast.

Vestfold is easily reached by air, ferry and train. Flights to Oslo (Torp) take you to our regional Airport, just 10 kilometres outside Sandefjord.

Color Line and Fjord Line run ferry lines between Hirtshals (DK) and Larvik as well as Strømstad (SE) and Sandefjord. There is also ferry between Horten and Moss, run by Bastø-Fosen.

Sandefjord sentrum. Foto Visit Vestfold
Sandefjord.  Foto Visit Vestfold

Places to visit in Vestfold
Vestfold is a small county bordering Buskerud and Telemark. Vestfold is located west of Oslofjord, as the name indicates.

Vestfold coastline may not be long, but it has an extensive cultural history. Vestfold has played a central role in Norwegian history as a centre for whaling, shipbuilding and marine activities.

You can experience this at close quarters. The 3 main towns in Vestfold; Larvik, Sandefjord and Tønsberg are all pretty close to each other and offer a varied selection of shopping, activities, attractions and coastal experiences.

Coastline. Foto Anja Basma, Visit Vestfold
Coastline. Foto Anja Basma, Visit Vestfold

Vestfold was a centre of power in the Scandinavian Viking Age. A number of the world’s most important archaeological finds from the Viking Age were discovered in Vestfold.

This includes monumental royal burial mounds in Borre (Horten), the Oseberg ship burial mound and Slottsfjellet (Castle Hill) in Tønsberg and the Gokstadhaugen burial mound in Sandefjord.

Viking Foto Visit Vestfold
Foto Visit Vestfold

Vestfold is the county in Norway boasting the most traces of our proud Viking heritage. The region between Mølen in the south and Borre in the north has many places worth visiting.

Over a distance of about 60 kilometres (40 miles) you will discover large, significant burial mounds, remains of Norway’s first town and where the most important finds from the Viking Age were made. Vestfold even has its own Viking ships, both original and replicas.