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This is Oslofjord Convention Center

Here you will perform, meet new friends, eat, drink, sleep, relax and hang out.

Join us here on the seaside of the outer part of the Oslofjord Convention Center (Oslofjord) where you and the rest of the participants will perform, live and sleep for some memorable summer days in 2017.

Oslofjord is the best place to enjoy the days and evenings during the event. Here you have the opportunity to spend time with your gymnastic friends and a bonfire by the beach is a perfect place to make new relations and long life friendships.

There will also be possible to do gymnastics, performances, dancing or just having fun outside on the big green lawn.

Oslofjord  is the largest and most modern convention center in Northern Europe.

Oslofjord’s location by the fjord and its on-site accommodation makes this venue a unique ideal arena for the World Gym for Life Challenge in 2017.

The large conference hall in the Oslofjord Convention Center complex will be the main arena for the contest.

A first look inside the Oslofjord conference hall will take your breath away. The hall spreads across 4.800 square meters and provides seating for 5.000 spectators.

Accommodations, Gym for Life Village
The accommodation includes 700 guest cabins and apartments providing a total of 6.000 beds, all in the convention center area.

The apartments are modern and light. There will be 4 to 6 persons staying in each cabin.

Some apartments are located within the center complex, beneath the main hall, with elevators to all levels. This is perfect for participants with physical disabilities.

Below the Convention Center where the apartments are located, Oslofjord has its own garden village with the 500 lovely cabins.

The village also consist of a private beach, and plenty of place for sporting and socialization.