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10 good reasons to join us for WGFL2017

10 good reasons to join us for World Gym for Life Challenge 2017

  1. Make new gymnastics friends from all over the world.
  2. Show people of Norway how it’s done! – During The World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 it will be possible to participate in outdoor show performances in the city of Tønsberg and Sandefjord. To make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to participate, there will be three different shows on three different days.

    Foto: NGTF
  3. Join us for the workshop «The Vikings». The Norwegian Vikings were warriors and strong athletes, as well as skilful sailors. You will be introduced to physical and athletic activities from the Viking age (year 793 -1066). Who knows, maybe even a real Viking ship will visit the shore of the Oslofjord Convention Center!
  4. Have you ever lived in a Gymnastics Village? We are so proud of, and pretty sure, we are the first to make a village with over 1500 gymnastics!

    Foto: Oslofjord Convention Center
    Foto: Oslofjord Convention Center
  5. With 24 hours of daylight in summer, there is plenty of time to do your favorite sport – Gymnastics!
  6. Explore Vestfold! There are so much to do in this area: cycling, hiking, museums, shopping and more – we can almost guarantee you will find an activity you like!

    Foto: Johan Wildhagen -
    Foto: Johan Wildhagen –
  7. Experience Norwegian summer – Norwegians love summer! After a long and cold winter, you will see us smiling and talking a lot about the weather
  8. Join us for barbecue on our private beach – Barbecue is a typical Norwegian summer activity, and we’ll do this every day if we have the opportunity. And since the sun is up most of the night, the party never ends..

    Foto: TS, Visit Vestfold
    Foto: TS, Visit Vestfold
  9. Start every morning with a bath in the fjord just a quick walk from your bed. But remember, Norwegian has “viking blood” – we don’t mind cold water 😉
  10.  Bring your whole family and make this your best summer holiday ever!